Call for Papers 2024

t2 infosec has been pushing the boundaries of security research for two decades and it don’t stop. We’re back April 18-19, 2024 – Helsinki, Finland.

CFP and registration are both open

This is an event for newcomers, established merchants of dual use computer code, beginners of vulndev, cyber vagabonds, retired or redacted, and hackers of all sorts. If you have new original security research targeting old, current or future technology, please submit your talk.

Got 99 problems but an 0day ain’t one.

— The Advisory Board

Helsinki offers a Northern European mood, with the resilience built by using Linux on the desktop since 1991, fueled by IRC, demoscene, VHS tapes, invention of modern backpropagation, a lot of memes and sauna. This is the country, which exports Alan Wake 2, quantum computers, and solitude.

As regularly as seasons change, new technology is introduced, vulnerabilities – old and new are discovered, lessons of tradecraft are learned and teachings of the old slowly forgotten. To foster the passion for advancement of (in)security and to keep that fire burning bright for future generations, we gather an intimate crowd of people every year to enjoy the advance of offensive research, share lessons of coming back from the edge, and build those valuable human connections.

Whether your research tackles LLMs, qubits, Azure/AWS/GCP, iOS internals, the market leading or lagging EDR products, access control systems, SoC, BTLE, tipping ChatGPT or something else, which is surprising to either humans or computers, we’d like to hear about it. Security researchers, you know the rules and so do we.

This is an event for the community, by the community. Our focus is on technical excellence, not politics or player hating. Come as you are. The advisory board will be reviewing submissions until 2024-02-04. Slide deck submission final deadline 2024-04-02 for accepted talks.

First come, first served. Submissions will not be returned.

Quick facts for speakers

  • presentation length 60-120 minutes, in English
  • complimentary travel and accommodation for one person[6]
  • decent speaker hospitality benefits
  • no marketing or product propaganda

Still not sure if this is for you? Check out the blast from the past.

[0] hunter2
[6] except literally @nudehaberdasher and @0xcharlie

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