t2 was born at a time when there was a need for a conference that was “for hackers by hackers”,  when there was not one single independent, technically oriented, information security conference in Finland in existence.

The mission of t2 has remained the same from its commencement, to be an annual conference dedicated to those who are interested in the technical aspects of information security. t2 offers the opportunity to publish new research and ideas as well as networking, the latter an elemental part of its ideology.

Today the global cyber security arena is filled with all kinds events – big and small, commercial and independent, open and invite-only, inclusive and exclusive. Over 15 years have passed since the inception of t2 – based on our experiences of visiting cons and security events all around the globe, the need for small independent high quality events emphasizing networking is as great as ever.

That is our ethos, and we plan on nurturing t2 like a fine wine of a good vintage. 99 attendees, friendly welcoming atmosphere, curated agenda to cater for discussions over coffee.

t2 has always had that commitment to technical excellence. .. Conferences, they may start like this, but they don’t always end up like this.

— John Lambert (t2’19 keynote)