Call for Papers 2015

Why spend your valuable conference time in the longest lines you have seen in your life, getting a sun burn or totally lost in the canals with your rental boat, being deprived of chewing gum or waking up in Nong Palai without any recollection how you got there? Helsinki offers you the safe and comfortable low-temperature alternative with a chance of first snow. Finland, the home country of many things you thought came from Japan.

This is the country where the strong demo scene culture has spawned multiple globally successful game companies, rally cross is also known as winter commute and people are sometimes so silent you wonder whether their opsec is 6/5 or if they are just mute. Silence doesn’t mean social situations have to be totally awkward – just ask if anybody wants have a drink and go to a sauna, and soon you are sitting naked in a steamy hot room beating yourself with a bath whisk. Experiencing Finland is extremely safe due to standards compliance and decent level of government regulation.

t2’15 offers you an audience with a taste for technical security presentations containing original content. This is your chance to showcase the latest research and lessons in offensive cryptography, hardware hacking, art of developing and cultivating assets, next generation cyber-APT-attribution, compromising nation states, displaying calculators, blinking leds or making games run (in several wrong places), anti-forensics, covert entry, enterprise defense tactics and techniques, censored research..or something completely different warming the hearts of seasoned con-goers.

The advisory board will be reviewing submissions until 2015-07-15 23:59:59 UTC. First come, first served. Submissions will not be returned.

Quick facts for speakers
+ presentation length 60-120 minutes, in English
+ complimentary travel and accommodation
+ decent speaker hospitality benefits
+ no marketing or product propaganda

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How to submit
Fill out the form at

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