t2 infosec conference ran between 2004 and 2024. For two decades we promoted cutting edge security research through a carefully curated program, with the aspirational goal of being a globally competitive hacker con for the community. 

The core values:

  • For hackers by hackers
  • No sponsor can affect the agenda –  the speaking slots are not for sale
  • The attendee list is neither for sale nor available to sponsors
  • Networking is an integral part of the event
  • Maximum amount of attendees is 99 (including the speakers and organizers)

For a seasoned visitor, the lobby bar and coffee break chats or communal dining were as much as t2 as the actual talks. Hosting the speakers and making them enjoy their time in Finland was our priority – many of them either presented or attended multiple times. Details of the traditional speakers’ dinner are left as an intelligence collection exercise for the reader.

While technology, offensive/defensive techniques, and human behavior all evolve, a surprising portion of historical material is still useful for the curious students of the field. As an inspiration and historical reference, we are leaving some of our old material online.

t2 has always had that commitment to technical excellence. .. Conferences, they may start like this, but they don’t always end up like this.

— John Lambert (t2’19 keynote)

For an A side, there is @t2_fi Helsinki.— Travis Goodspeed (@travisgoodspeed) August 16, 2018