The aim of t2 infosec is to foster exchange of ideas, peaceful coexistence between the different shades of grey, and distribution of information.

We welcome all humans, assistance animals, sentient AI and cyborgs[0] from the future to attend the event, regardless of their age, race, religion, disabilities, sexual or non-sexual orientation, profession, certifications, criminal record, security clearance, tax bracket, veteran status, diet, ability to pass the Turing test, past t2 attendance, doping convictions, credit score, affiliations, weaponized 0day stock pile, shoe size, alcohol or non-alcoholic
drink choice, ability to hold breath, stamps in the passport, relationship status, operating system, emacs vs. vim opinion, participation or non-participation in the Olympic finals, and including but not limited to Netflix subscription, waterproof rating, ambidexterity, kernel version and/or userland rootkit preference.

t2 is an inclusive event, which means that the focus is on technical issues, not on politics. Alliances shift and yesterday’s enemies become allies of tomorrow. To cater to a varied audience consisting of pro-APT, anti-APT and chaotic-neutral APT, we expect everybody to have a certain degree humour and dislike for unnecessary drama. t2 is a security conference, not a reality television show.

We expect you to have the ability to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously. At some point, you or something you hold dear, such as your favorite text editor, will be the punch line of a joke. If you can’t handle that like a grownup, t2 is a wrong hacker event for you. There’s nothing wrong with that either, today there are information security events organized every week around the world, should you disagree with our policy.

Common courtesy and polite manners are expected from everybody. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Be a human[1]. Don’t be an idiot. While we are not the thought-police, lack of manners will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t photograph people without permission.
  • Don’t push your ideology unto others, and remember that not everybody can or wants to recite x86 opcode and instruction reference by heart.

If you are into breaking the Finnish law, don’t put people into uncomfortable positions by flaunting your alternative lifestyle choices.

Anyone jeopardizing the future of the event may, or may not face the wrath of Khan, CISSP in 24 hours bootcamp, back-to-back sales presentations from the largest enterprise software vendors or some other equally NSFL experience. t2 is not a signatory party of Geneva Conventions, Ottawa Treaty or СНВ-III.

By attending the conference you agree to bring happiness and rainbows with you.

[0]: As long as Asimov’s three laws of robotics are followed, and other attendees are not harmed
[1]: Sentient AI and cyborgs can opt-in at their own discretion. We respect the fact that some of our attendees may have been manufactured, and not born as humans.