Third time’s the unlucky charm. It’s been three Nas studio albums since the last t2. While in normal times having frequent releases from a one-time King of New York, and an overall legend, would make our day it does little to ease the situation.

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

— John Jurasek, 2017

Just December, when the t2 Advisory Board last met, we were confident in our ability to organize the event this May. In fact, we were so certain we started to contact potential special speakers. The CFP post was updated and polished for 2022 – everything was ready to go. Our mood was celebratory and festive, as expected after having to cancel two years in a row. Unfortunately all the grandiose plans were premature.

The reasons for nuking t2’22 are two-fold – first and foremost, the overall global health situation. Secondly, our desire to avoid irrational exuberance – organizing an event failing financially would be very close to betting the farm, and if nothing else, erasing two decades worth of gradually built safety nets.

We warmly welcome you to join us for t2’23. Clarion Hotel Helsinki, 2023-05-04 – 2023-05-05. The twentieth anniversary edition.


In a normal world this would be the time we release the CFP for the next edition of t2. Unfortunately that is not the case. Our conservative-yet-optimistic-and-hopeful plan is looking less realistic as we step further into the twenties.

Unless someone from Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna is looking to sponsor us with 200 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, we have no other choice but to postpone t2 once again. Due to the current uncertainty, we have decided after a long consideration to forgo organizing t2’21.

While the advisory board is heartbroken from missing two t2s in a row, the idea of not being able to organize a full blown t2 experience, which is both fun and safe for all attendees (and their families), is less appealing.

If it takes another year to bring you a roaring con and a lot of jazz, so be it. t2 is, has always been, and will always about the community. 

We will return in 2022.