t2’10 Challenge to be released 2010-08-28 10:00 EEST

Since the dawn of our species (well 2005, if you want to be picky about it) t2 has been granting free admission to the elite of their kind, the winners of the t2 Challenges. Don’t be suckered in by all the cheap imitations out there, their snooze-fest la-di-da dog and pony shows, because t2 is back! And we’re pleased to announce the release of the t2’10 Challenge!

Now is your chance to join the past elites by winning free admission to this year’s conference!

This year’s t2’10 Challenge is based on multi-staging (much like good shell code), which will be powered by a scoreboard so that you can see — (almost) in real time — how the other participants are fairing out there in the land of the living.

The rules are simple: t2 will release the t2’10 Challenge and the first one to solve it will win free admission to the t2’10. But don’t stop just because you weren’t the first one to solve it: The Advisory Board will select another winner among the next ten correct answers, paying particular attention to the elegance of the solution rather than the speed. In other words you can win with either speed or style 🙂

The t2’10 Challenge will be released 2010-08-28 10:00 EEST right here at http://t2.fi/

Nils to talk about Smart Phone Vulnerabilities

In this talk Nils will demonstrate (read: show nifty exploits) how much trust you can put into your smart phone. The talk will specifically look at two popular mobile platforms: Google Android and Palm WebOS.

t2 staff thinks that in addition to Nils being a rock star (like ‘Prince’ or ‘Madonna’) he is extremely talented security researcher. If you would like to see how Palm Pre can be used as a secret bugging device, this talk is for you.

Please see the schedule for details.

t2’10 Student Pricing

We tried student pricing last year and received some very positive feedback and decided to give it a try this year as well. The price of a student ticket is 210 € + VAT 23 %.

Please note that you will need to provide us digital copies of documents that you study full time prior to purchasing a student ticket. Only full time students are eligible for student pricing.

t2’10 Registration to Open on 2010-08-18

This is just a quick note to let you know that the registration for t2’10 will open tomorrow evening.

The whole registration process has been renewed and now the preferred payment method is credit card. We have signed an agreement with Luottokunta so all the major credit cards are supported.

Other payment options include PayPal and traditional (printable) invoice.

Please note that we do not send invoices by snail mail any longer. If you choose to use an invoice payment method you will need to print out the invoice yourself after filling in the billing address.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new registration and payment process please contact us.

Sami Koivu to talk about Java Sandbox (in)Security

In this talk, Sami Koivu will first explain how Java sandbox security works and how it doesn’t work. Then the audience will learn how Java security has been broken in the past and how it will continue to be broken in the future.

t2 staff thinks that Sami Koivu’s research is absolutely groundbreaking and he is The Man when it comes to Java (in)security. However, we are not the only ones  – he just won the Pwnies award for his work! For more details please see: Pwnie for Best Client-Side Bug.

Please see the schedule for details.

Confirmed Speakers for t2’10

As some of you have already noticed, confirmed speakers for t2’10 (October 28 – 29, Helsinki, Finland) are starting to appear, check out the Schedule.

As usual, we will also post a short commentary for each talk and explain why you should come and see it.

Would You Like To Sponsor t2′10?

We are looking for sponsors, if you or your company would like to sponsor t2’10 please contact us.

To protect the independent nature of t2, the following guidelines have been established:

  • No sponsor can affect the agenda. In order to run an independent conference, it is essential that no sponsor influence the topic or content of any given presentation.
  • Each and every presenter is there because of his or her skills. Sponsorship is not a fast lane past the CFP, meaning that sponsorship will not guarantee you a presentation slot at the conference. It does not prevent it either; the bottom line is that the advisory board handles all submissions equally.

More information can be found at http://t2.fi/sponsors/

Call for Papers 2010

We are pleased to announce the annual t2´10 conference, which will take place in Helsinki, Finland, from October 28 to 29, 2010.

We are looking for original technical presentations in the fields of information security.Presentations should last a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of two hours and be presented in English.

Please note that presentations that focus on marketing or directly promoting a company’s products will not be accepted.

We will be accepting talk proposals until July 1, 2010. All submitted presentations will be reviewed by the t2 Advisory Board.

The t2 Advisory Board is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Mikko Hyppönen, F-Secure
  • Jussi Jaakonaho, Nokia
  • Tomi Tuominen, nSense

As usual selected speakers will be reimbursed for travel and hotel costs. We also proud ourselves of taking good care of the speakers and there is always something going on during the evenings 🙂

We suggest strongly that you submit earlier rather than later, since we will close the CFP early once we receive enough quality submissions to fill the slots.

Please include the following with your submission:

  1. Contact information (email, cell phone and postal address)
  2. Country and city of origin for your travel to the conference, as well as nationality/passport for visa requirements
  3. Brief biography (including employer and/or affiliations)
  4. Title of the presentation
  5. Presentation abstract
  6. If your presentation references a paper or piece of software that you have published, please provide us with either a copy of the said paper or software, or an URL where we can obtain it.
  7. List any other publications or conferences where this material has been or will be published/submitted

Please send the above information to cfp-2010 (at) lists.t2.fi