t2’15 Challenge hint #1

t2’15 Challenge hint #1: One flag is unintentionally a little bit unclear. If you find a password on a level, its hash is the solution to the level.

t2’14 Challenge hint: Easter egg

We now accept few different hashes for one of the easter eggs. If you think you did find an egg but the hash got rejected, please try again – it might actually work now 🙂

Hat tip to Peter Kosinar for pointing this out.

t2’09 Challenge Hint #1

Based on the comments and email discussions the general opinion seemed to be that we should not reveal too much information, especially since one contestant has been able to solve the first stage without any hints.

So, here we go: it is RC4.

Next hint will be published today 22:00 EEST (GMT +03:00). The next hint will be about the key.