Adam Laurie to talk about RFID security

Adam Laurie will be talking about RFID security. The talk will present a roundup of attacks against RFID door entry systems, passports, human implants etc., including demonstrations and details of methods and tools used.

Please see the schedule for details.

Kimmo Kasslin to talk about Kernel-Mode Malware

Kimmo Kasslin from F-Secure will be talking about the evolution of Kernel-Mode Malware. Full-Kernel malware has lately entered the scene and this presentation will cover the most important developments with practical examples.

Please see the schedule for details.

Joakim Sandström to talk about Java Insecurities

Joakim Sandström from nSense will be demonstrating some common design flaws and insecurities in both java and java applets. The presentation will cover how java can go wrong, and exploitation of when it does.

T2 staff thinks that the audience will be seeing some pretty groundbreaking stuff 🙂

Please see the schedule for details.

Ivan Krstić to Keynote T2´08!

We are very proud to announce that Ivan Krstić will be delivering the keynote for T2’08!

Ivan Krstić is a software architect and researcher currently on leave from Harvard University. Until recently, he worked as director of security architecture at One Laptop per Child, an education non-profit that aimed to produce a $100 laptop for children in the developing world. Prior to that, Ivan served as director of research at the medical informatics laboratory of a European children’s hospital, tackling infrastructure and security problems in wide-scale digital healthcare.

Ivan is deeply involved in open-source and free software, co-authored the best-selling Official Ubuntu Linux Book, and specializes in architecture and security of large distributed systems. He has consulted on both matters for some of the largest websites on the Internet. Described by Wired magazine as a “security guru”, in 2007 the MIT Technology Review named him one of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35 for his work on the OLPC security platform, Bitfrost. Recently, eWEEK declared him one of the top three most influential people in modern computer security, and one of the top 100 in all of IT.

Please see the schedule for details.