t2’21 changelog

For the first time during the history of the event, we’re skipping a year. In our previous post we shared our thoughts on the topic, and in this one, we’re announcing some changes and updates to practicalities.

First and most importantly, starting next May t2 will take place in Clarion Hotel Helsinki. This is something which really excites us. Not only is Clarion one of the newest hotels in Helsinki, they have a spectacular Sky Room offering beautiful views and refreshing (c|m)ocktails for the weary traveler. Located just across the street from the previous hotel, with easy access by boat, we’re confident t2 is able to cater to demands of even the most discerning conference guests. In fact, anyone attending t2 with a Wellcraft Scarab 38′ KV will be treated to a bottle of champagne or dinner on the AB. Terms and conditions apply.

In our effort to push t2 in to the Security Vacation Club Global Top 5000 list, we paid particular attention to Clarion’s rooftop pool and terrace. Open to all hotel guests, two saunas and a heated pool make it almost too easy to enjoy the Helsinki weather. For the seasoned conference guests, we can recommend saunas with unheated pools or easy access to the Baltic sea.

While t2 has always had that welcoming and safe atmosphere of a community-driven event, where many of our attendees have delivered a talk at some point, and/or know organizers, speakers or other long-time attendees personally, we realize it’s time to make the unofficial official by introducing documented incident reporting procedures. Beginning with t2’21 we will be publishing a transparency report documenting any incidents or noteworthy events related to the conference. Previously we’ve had the localhostess supporting attendees during the event, organizers actively keeping everyone entertained and safe, and a conference EULA setting the expectation for polite behavior. Against this historical background we are expecting the transparency report to hopefully be uninteresting and devoid of content.

In the meanwhile, stay safe.

Terms and conditions for the “t2 Scarab challenge”

  • The boat must be in legal possession of the participant (owned or rented) for the duration of the event
  • The participant must arrive to the conference with the boat (subtle flair, and making a grandiose entrance are both expected, but not mandatory)
  • At least one Advisory Board member must be able to perform an off-shore inspection on the boat, at which time the claimant must demonstrate ability to wear shoes without socks.
  • In case multiple attendees co-own or co-rent an applicable Scarab, the offer is valid for the captain only.
  • Challenge limited to the first 15 claims, in order of berthing. Number of lifetime claims limited to five per participant.