t2’14 schedule now online

All organizers love their own conference, it’s no secret. Looking at this year’s schedule we are both excited and humbled by the staggering number of high quality submissions received from the CFP. Today’s tweet about learning to become a real world Chloe O’Brian applies not only to Alexander Bolshev, Kokanin and Hugo Teso, but also to our other speakers. The line-up of topics is straight up Hollywood.

If the bar has been set high on previous years, this year it was even higher – we had to turn down many world class topics and want to express our gratitude to all the submitters. Not making it this time should not discourage you from submitting again in the future. Balancing the program content-wise means making hard decisions and leaving out talks we would definitely want to see.

No-holds-barred talks with important life lessons will not be the only thing keeping you warm in the late Finnish October. To celerabrate the dawning of a new t2 decade we have something special in store for this year. More about that later.

The hard limit of 99 attendees (including the speakers and t2 staff) is again in full effect. No exceptions, no excuses. Early registration is definitely recommended.

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