t2’13 Challenge warning

Sometimes it happens that we underestimate the “cleverness” of the contestants. This is one of those times. We are sorry that we have to spoil part of the Challenge but we feel that we need to explain what is going on.

After mounting the USB drive one of the things you will find is vault/index.html. The idea in a nutshell is that every click on an arrow creates a new dynamic url. So, in order to solve it you need to find the right combination which in turn will take you to the right redirection url.

Now, some “clever” contestant registered the default redirection url i.e. the one that activates if you just click the lock icon without hitting any arrows. Needless to say, the prankster didn’t choose “my little pony picture” but something a bit more horrid.

We are sorry about this – we have contacted tinyurl.com and asked them to remove the redirection. This has no effect to the challenge itself – the only effect is a psychological one i.e. one of the contestants is trying to troll others.

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