T2´08 Schedule Published

The schedule for T2´08 has been published. We might sound like a broken record but T2 staff thinks that we have extremely good program for this year.

We would also like to thank all the people that sent in their talk proposals. Please remember that even if your presentation did not get approved it does not mean that we did not want it. In order to have an interesting event we try our best to make sure that the program has “something for everyone”.

Please see the schedule for details.

TiAMO and OlleB to talk about Encrypting the Internet

TiAMO from the Pirate Bay and OlleB from Toolcrypt will be talking about encrypting the Internet. The talk will describe the events that lead TiAMO to start the project, the rationale for bringing yet another network encryption protocol into the world and the gory technical details of the proposal that caused much debate on the Internet.

Please see the schedule for details.

Adam Laurie to talk about RFID security

Adam Laurie will be talking about RFID security. The talk will present a roundup of attacks against RFID door entry systems, passports, human implants etc., including demonstrations and details of methods and tools used.

Please see the schedule for details.