T2´08 Challenge status update 2

Sorry for the delay – I’ve been on vacation and my remote access solution did not work out as planned. So far only six people have solved the challenge.

If we do not receive more solutions by the end of the week – we will have a vote on Sunday regarding the winner of the other ticket. Effectively this means that we will publish the results on Monday.

T2´08 Challenge status update

It would seem that the Challenge is more challenging this year – we have not received a single correct answer yet. This is the first time the Challenge has withstood more than 24 hours!

Please remember that you do not have to be the first one to solve it – the Advisory Board will select another winner among the next ten correct answers. The criteria for the other selection is the elegance of the answer. In short, you can win with both speed and style 🙂

T2´08 Challenge status

Just a quick status: T2´08 Challenge has been downloaded more than 1000 times during the first hour or so. T2 staff wishes luck to all the competitors!

Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

We now accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), eChecks, bank transfers, and PayPal accounts.

Please note that although we are using PayPal to process credit card payments – no paypal account is needed in order to use a credit card.

Jack C. Louis and Robert E. Lee to talk about New DoS Attack Vectors

As you might have noticed the schedule for T2´08 was already published a while ago. However, we’ve received such an unusual submission that we have decided to include it to the schedule. Effectively this means that we have replaced the second part of “Iceberg Incorporated – A Peek Under the Surface of the Criminal Enterprise” with this new talk. And now about this new talk …

Jack C. Louis and Robert E. Lee from Outpost24 will divulge new technical details about TCP state table manipulation vulnerabilities that affect availability.

Specifically this talk will showcase new attacks that will render a remote system unavailable using a very low bandwidth attack stream. Attacks against Windows, BSD, Linux, and embedded systems TCP/IP stack implementations will be discussed and demonstrated.

Please see the schedule for details.

To be or not to be – T2´08 Challenge

We have received quite many emails asking whether we will publish T2´08 Challenge or not. The answer is yes – there will be a Challenge. We are going to have a very interesting Challenge this year 🙂

Stay tuned!

(Never heard about the Challenge? Check it out!)

T2´08 Schedule Published

The schedule for T2´08 has been published. We might sound like a broken record but T2 staff thinks that we have extremely good program for this year.

We would also like to thank all the people that sent in their talk proposals. Please remember that even if your presentation did not get approved it does not mean that we did not want it. In order to have an interesting event we try our best to make sure that the program has “something for everyone”.

Please see the schedule for details.