Felix Leder and Tillmann Werner to talk about Botnet Counter-Attack Techniques

Felix Leder and Tillmann Werner will be demonstrating how it is possible to take over botnets. The talk will cover a structured botnet mitigation approach and discuss several case studies on recent sophisticated malware like Storm, Waledac, and Conficker.

T2 staff thinks that this talk is quite unique and contains some interesting research.

Please see the schedule for details.

Schedule Rearrangement

We are extremely sorry about the short notice but we had to rearrange the schedule. Effectively this means that Adam Laurie will have both of his talks (A Day in the Life of a Hacker, RFIDIOts!!) on Thursday and Nishad’s (Now you see it, Now you dont – Obfuscation for fun and profit!) will be kept on Friday.

We apologize for the possible inconvenience.