t2’13 Challenge Winners++

Yes we know, we have already announced the winners but wait – there is more! First time in the history of t2 we are giving out one additional free admission. And that goes to Ludvig Strigeus from Sweden. Why? Well, first of all, he is an awesome guy and writes software we all love but in addition to that, his solution was both fast and elegant. The authors felt that although the challenge rules didn’t do justice to him, he totally deserved to win as well. So here we go :)

Congrats Ludde!

t2’13 Challenge Winners

Teem Grammer Nazi from Australia was the first one to solve the t2’13 Challenge (8 hours and something). That is pretty hard core.

The second winner is Alexander Polyakov from Russia. Alexander is one of those guys who has solved pretty much each and every t2 challenge over the years and this time his hard work finally paid off.

Congratulations to both winners! We would also like to thank each one of you who participated – especially those who made it to top 20 – you guys rock! Last but not least. if you have an interesting idea for t2’14 Challenge, please let us know – authors get a free admission to the conference among other things ;)