t2’14 Challenge winners

Ludvig Strigeus (Investigator1) from Sweden was the second one to solve the t2’14 Challenge but the first one to claim the prize. Well done Ludde! Congratulations!

This time it proved pretty difficult to pick the second winner as the submissions were of very high quality. After careful consideration we chose Vladimir Gneushev from Russia. His write-up will be published after the conference so you’ll have a change to evaluate his submission yourself.

Congratulations to both winners! We would also like to thank each one of you who participated – especially those who made it to top 20 – you guys rock! Last but not least. if you have an interesting idea for t2’15 Challenge, please let us know – authors get a free admission to the conference among other perks ;)

Speaking of talent. Our friends at McAfee would like to chime in.

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Hardware hacking hamlet at t2’14

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how the electronic gadgets you use daily actually work or you’re a master of reverse engineering integrated circuits, you will love the “hardware hacking hamlet”!

Come join us during breaks and try your hand at soldering or get a personalized mini-workshop on how to reverse engineer hardware.

Bring your own electronic gadgets to take apart or portable lab equipment to show off and let’s learn more about electronics hardware together while totally missing out on all the coffee and biscuits!