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Covert entry

In a time where so many conferences are focusing on cybering, A/S/L and the potholes on the information superhighway, t2’14 has two speakers demonstrating how IT security and physical access walk hand in hand. For the first time in the history of t2, we have a lockpicking presentation in the program. Actually, make it two – one man’s exploit is another man’s lockpick.

To prevent manufacturers from getting the wrong idea, the abstracts are vague on details – the presentations themselves will not be.


Mobile track

Traditionally we have not had any named tracks per se, but this year it is quite impossible to avoid the fact that we do in fact have a mobile track on Thursday. What else can you call a set of presentations covering Android OEM vulnerabilities, iOS app reversing and low-cost IMSI catching?

If history is about to repeat itself, there will be a strong chance of mysterious mobile phone problems during the conference. Pack your burner and memorize the code words. Remember “FIST FIGHT in the TOOL ROOM” = “Drinks at the lobby bar”

Jan Saggiori and Murdoch’s Pirates

Those who weren’t too hung over from the night before might remember how Dmitry Nedospasov’s integrated circuit analysis talk last year concluded with the recommendation to read Murdoch’s Pirates.

This being t2, we noted down the name and went online to order one. Except you cannot order the book in physical form anywhere in Europe. Kindle is too new school for us as we prefer our books like our whisky – cask strenght with a drop of water and no APT. Eventually we got some from Australia and the content blew us away.

This year we have no other than Jan Saggiori himself giving an insight
into the world of pay-tv security. If you haven’t read the book yet, you should.

t2’13 Final Schedule Published

The final schedule for t2’13 has been published.

Some of you might notice that there is still one more slot open on the second day. The current plan is to have a surprise speaker there so that is on purpose :) Please note that registration is open until October 18, 2013 and we will close it as soon as we hit total of 99 people (speakers and organizers included). So if you want to be sure that you’ll actually make it – register sooner than later.

Important: Our payment provider is currently in the process of fixing the credit card payment gateway. Effectively this means that it is not possible to pay with credit card at the moment. We hope to get it fixed within couple of days. Other payment options are available as usual.

We would also like to thank everyone who sent in CFP submissions. If your submission did not get approved, please keep in mind that we were very pleased to receive it. There were many interesting submissions and ideas, and with our final selection, we did our very best to ensure that this year’s program has “something for everyone”.

Looking forward to see you all soon!